Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme


An ideal theme for technology blogs and magazines, counts with a circuitry pattern to give that sensation of an electronic device, the theme elements like the menu and search enforce the techie feeling. Its in general a very simple  but nice and sober theme.

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  1. Why it doesn’t download? Please assist… thank you…

    • david - November 18th


      You can try the email download and make sure your pop-ups are not being blocked.

  2. Robertajs - May 19th

    WOW! Just my style. On 4-19 I requested a link but never rec’d..any progress? And Mr. or Ms. “Nobody” didn’t need to be so harsh!

    • ThemeShock - June 18th

      Roberta, to receive proper assistance please use the contact form and let us know your concern.

  3. Robertajs - April 19th

    Please send a link. I don’t have facebook or twitter…

    • ThemeShock - April 19th

      We’re currently working on a way for to download them without using facebook or twitter.

  4. Nobody - April 16th

    This theme not only looks bad, but it’s also imposible to download. Only tweet button works and after this, nothing. Shame for you.

    • ThemeShock - April 16th

      Try checking your mail. THe download link should’ve been sent there automatically.

  5. wow this is super cool, just downloaded..thanks for sharing mate :)

  6. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  7. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  8. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  9. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  10. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  11. RT @ChristinePfeil: Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  12. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme by @themeshock

  13. Minimal and clean magazine free wordpress theme via @themeshock

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