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Hi everyone! Our most recent freebie is called Fleebig, and it is a WordPress Theme we have released today for all of you who keep track of our resources. It has all the usual features like toolbars, social icons, a menu, and different background effects, including a nice shine. But its most important feature is a full background design, which displays 5 high resolution images with awesome transitions, making users focus on the details of your website. Feel free to download and share!




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  1. Sebastian Berger - October 8th

    There is no access to your file… 
    Newsletter? No Mail till yesterday.
    Twitter – error message that there is no file…

    • ThemeShock - October 9th

      Thank you so much for letting us know! Our apologies, we’re fixing that ASAP, please try again in a while.

  2. Ondrej - March 6th

    Hallo. The theme get not Download with Facebook. I bekome this message:
    System Message

    A download file with the given file name in the URL parameter could not be found. Please make sure that the file name is correct and the file exists in your download folder.

    Note: Once the script configuration has been finished you can set off these system messages (index.php).

    Run into problems? Script documentation and instructions: ./docu/index.html

    Get answers to your questions in the support forum at the website of the Download Center Lite Script on STADTAUS.com.

    Can you help me please?

  3. RobertAJS - November 23rd

    Hi, I need a link please. Can’t wait to try these. As always, thanks!!

    • ThemeShock - November 25th

      Roberta, please use the download button at the end of the post.

  4. craig sonntag - October 23rd

    any way to get this without using twitter or facebook? im experimenting with wordpress at work, but company specifically blocks social media sites such as twitter and facebook. THX

  5. alex - October 21st

    Hello, this is the nth time I’ve tried downloading a freebie from your site, and each time you guys require the tweet to download, the tweet thing goes through flawlessly, but I never get to download anything. Any chance you could look into this? I am using chrome on windows and have js activated. TIA

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