SEO in WordPress: Most Comprehensive Guide

Another important aspect of WordPress usage we want to cover in this WordPress related series is the advantages it offers in terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO subject is so extensive that there are not only hundreds of posts but hundreds of entire blogs dedicated to it.

In this post we will go into some general aspects of WordPress to understand why it is so good in search engine optimization, we will talk about some easy to follow steps to quickly prepare your WordPress for better rankings, we will talk about some of the most known plugins for SEO as well, and we will give additional tips to get your site ready for amazing results. We hope that as the previous posts we have showed to you, this one is as complete as possible in order for you to understand this topic and that it’s easy to read and follow for anyone. So, let’s begin!

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WordPress Multisite guide for newbies

We have been writing some posts in order to illustrate some of the most important aspects about the use of WordPress in an easy to understand way and today we want to continue with this and go inside one of the most important capabilities of WordPress: the creation of networks or multiple sites under WordPress multi-site. We will talk about what it is, Will clarify some terms related to creation of multi-site installations, and we will go into some steps to be able to set it up. We hope you find this interesting.

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Google Analytics for WordPress, A full integration and usage guide

This article is a full guide about the use of Google Analytics in WordPress, we will do a complete review about the Google Analytics service setup in WordPress sites. As you may know, Google Analytics is the most widely used service for web statistics, and WordPress is present in almost 60% of the total sites conected to the Internet, so the integration of these two platforms is something more than natural and likely to happen. We will talk about what is necessary to get it going; and also, will include some tips that you might find useful, we hope this post can be interesting and useful for everyone. Read more

Powering WordPress and website security, Most complete guide

One of the biggest problems that web universe faces nowadays, is the lack of security. A lot of really important information is being stolen directly and some other is being taken by viruses and trojans, which get to our computers and start taking personal information, sending those annoying and inconvenient spam messages, or just opening a backdoor and letting attackers enter to our computer to do whatever they want. Actually, even whole domains get hacked these days. Read more

CSS Box Machine

CSS Box Machine is an useful resource, that you should have in your pocket, it is a CSS boxes generator, which has about 25 boxes styles for you to use rightaway. Read more

More than 170 Best and Fresh WordPress Resources and Blogs, 2012 Edition

Seeing how WordPress has become the favorite of many when it comes to going through an easy-breezy process while designing a stunning site or blog, well, we decided to sum up the top 160 best online sources with the latest and most complete information on WordPress: resources, plug-ins, themes, trends, news, etc., so the next time that you come across a web design project on WordPress you have a listing to go to that’s updated and useful (for real). Weather your thing is blogs on wp topics, following twitter accounts from hard core wp developers, or just getting a hold of any wp resource you can get your hands on, here you’ll find it all just a click away. Please let us know in comments if we missed something. Read more

300 professional WordPress Themes

Believe it or not we’ve managed to sum up for you guys 300 Free Word Press Themes (2012 edition)…Yeah that’s right while others have settle with giving you a merely decent listing of 50, 100, or even 20 Free WordPress Themes, here at knowing how for really consumed Web designers/developers probably 150 or even 200 WP themes just won’t be enough, so we thought that 300 would be just right! Read more

jQuery photo slider, great tutorial from Webdesignshock

Hello friends, today we want to recommend you the latest tutorial from our sister page Webdesignshock featuring an amazing vintage photo slider powered with jQuery and PHP. The tutorial includes a live demo and all the required files ready for download, definitely a nice resource to utilize in your website or design projects.

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WordPress 3.3, more than 10 new features

Well, as we already know that WordPress 3.3 will be out on November 15, we think that it’s about time to start witnessing the novelties that are waiting for us, which are going to be really interesting. There are plenty of things left in terms of development, which up to this day is at 30%, however one can guess interesting upgrades that you’re definitely going to like. So, let’s take a look at the main features of this new WP version:
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Free WordPress themes, 300 best!

Today we have an enormous and new bundle for all you guys, we have created the initial 50 themes using our latest tool: The wordpress theme generator, an amazing builder that help you create unlimited themes in an easy to use interface, you might also want to check our premium wordpress themes

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Best sites Powered by WordPress & BuddyPress

What’s up guys?, it’s time for a new countdown that we’re sure more than one of you will enjoy. This post is dedicated to all the WordPress fans out there, we have joined together an extended list with over 100 WordPress-powered websites that feature some of the most eye-catching designs on the web. The list will also include BuddyPress-powered sites, which as most of you probably know, consists in an open source WordPress plugin that can turn your site into a fully working social network.

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Google +1 button in WordPress

After many speculation around this, Google has just released the plus one (+1) button, which more than being a clone of Facebook’s like is actually a great social add-on to search results. The greatness of +1 relies on the fact that by using this button your friends can let you know when something is worth watching. Currently the +1 button is only available for English results, though it will be spreading to other languages in the next months.

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WordPress hosting, the ultimate guide

If you have decided to mount a blog, the first thing you should check is which platform is the fittest in terms of functionality, customization, accessibility, etc. Our personal recommendation for newcomers is indeed WordPress, a powerful and user-friendly CMS, perfect to help you start a blog without having to worry excessively about programming and server-side issues but rather concentrating all your energy on creating rich contents and enjoying the blogging experience.

Once you the decision of working with WordPress has been taken, the next thing you need to figure out is which hosting service is the most appropriate for your site. To help with this, we have made a complete assessment on the top hosting services where you can host a WordPress site, we hope this article can help you choose the best service wherein mount your site.

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WordPress login 40+ useful tips and secrets

This afternoon while we were making a research for the next ThemeShock article, we noticed that ‘wordpress login’, one of the search terms that we were using for the post was being highly requested by users. We did not find a particular reason for this, so we started to investigate the reason and the result among others, revealed to us two main causes: First, people want to change their WordPress login page for something prettier and with more customization. Secondly, there seems to be a necessity for possess a shorter and friendlier URL for their WP login. On this post we will be covering these two major points and then we’re going to give you a great roundup featuring useful tricks and tips regarding wp-login.

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Logout function in WordPress

Everyday we found new functions to implement in our WordPress site to make it faster and easier to use. These functions can range from something as simple as changing a category to embedding custom widgets on it. Today we want to talk about one of the most simple functions that still we tend to overlook, the logout function.

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