WordPress login URL, remove wp-admin

Considering the amount of times a person who works with WordPress accesses the Dashboard, it’s probably that you’ve ever wondered about an effective way of shortening the login address. Well, now that’s not only possible but easy to do thanks to our friend Kevin Shard, who brought us the following trick that will make your WordPress login look like ‘http://yourweb.com/login’.

All you have to do is include a rule within your .htaccess file that as you know, is located inside the root directory of your WordPress installation. Here’s an example for the case when you only put the login, but you can use whatever word you prefer.

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100+ sites to submit your WordPress themes

We all know WordPress, the famous CMS utilized by hundreds of persons around the world that choose it due its many advantages in front of other similar content management systems. Its usage is really simple and anyone can master its basic tools in a short time period.

Because it’s so easy to use, web developers create custom themes for WP all the time, some of them more focused in functionality and others in design, but despite their approach, the truth is that every day new great themes are released, making the competition something really great between designers. On this countdown we have gathered a huge list featuring the best WordPress galleries where you can either send your designs or simply grasp some inspiration by looking at other people’s work.

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CSS menus, working with default and custom

Sometimes when we’re working in a new web template and we apply styles to its navigation menu, we forget about the existence of default menu, page’s listing. The difference between this menu and customs is that WordPress removes the class “menu” to the default menu and assigns it to the <div> (menu’s container).

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WordPress related blogs, 110+ best

Mastering WordPress has a lot of trial and error, and to help you in that process we have compiled a huge list with more than 100 places where you can find the latest WordPress updates, awesome tutorials and download useful freebies.

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