Custom 404 error page WordPress Plugin

When we’re in the process of enhancing our site, every little improvement counts, so you may be wondering which plugins can you use next in order for your site to look better.
Given that, we want to tell you that you can use our newly developed plugin called ‘Custom 404 Error Page’, this plugin helps you creating custom 404 pages from WordPress Dashboard.

From the plugin options, you can change your custom 404 page style, you can modify the background color, the font style and also the pattern that goes in the background.

There are 24 different images that you can display in this 404 page.


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  1. Sandesh - June 5th

    This plugin looks very nice with few 404 error page designs and options to manage.

    • Shock Family - June 13th

      Yup! Definitely a useful one.
      You might catch some more inspiration for 404 pages at our ByPeople List

  2. I ‘ve been searching for a way to fix my wp sites,

    glad to know this plugin will help :)

  3. Can you display stuff like popular posts with this plugin?

  4. Custom 404 error page WordPress Plugin #useful #freebies

  5. RT @Themeshock Custom 404 error page WordPress Plugin

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