3 Different sliders

We have included not only one but 3 different sliders you can select to impress your visitors: The fantastic Nivo slider, a fancy accordion tabbed slider and the astounding piecemaker 3D slider.
You will have total control to decide which pages you want to apply the slider to, of course, for clean layouts so you can keep the layout slider free. Everything can be managed right from the theme options pannel within your WordPress dashboard.

1. JS Effects slider:

Take full advantage of the power of jQuery; by using this slider you can choose between 11 different transition effects, including fade in / fade out, horizontal / vertical transitions, multi wipe transition effect ( vertical and horizontal) and much more. It also includes several options to setup correctly, so now you can improve your upcoming projects with the mighty power of this fantastic Nivo slider.

2. Accordion slider:

With this accordion slider you can easily organize your slices using vertical tabs, that way you will have total control over your slices to decide which slider you want to open. By clicking each tab the selected slider will show up with a fancy horizontal animation using javascript.

3d effects slider:

One of the most impressive sliders out there, using the power of the fantastic piecemaker slider, you will be able to display your info in a very impressive way, featuring some nice eye catching 3d effects, your users will be impressed with the high quality effects this slider has to offer.

Unlimited layouts with our drag & drop layout generator

You can generate unlimited layouts with our fantastic drag and drop layout generator, as simple as dragging specific areas to the layout you can combine rows and columns to create any layout you want, even the most complex ones with lots of sidebars and widgets, our themes have been built using liquid boxes that will adapt themselves to the chosen layout. You can select if you either want to add a slider to the selected page or leave a full width layout with no sidebars nor sliders.

The sky is the limit, you can create the most complex layouts you can think of and insert custom widgets/ boxes to each area following your wishes.

20+ boxes styles.

Our latest templates come with 20+ boxes styles to customize your widgets. Change the styles whenever you want, and give a new air to your site.

100+ shortcodes (with graphic interface within an HTML editor)

Without having to code and just using an easy to use graphical interface with custom buttons and menus inside the WordPress HTML editor, you can create tons of fancy design elements, for each one of them you can select several color variations: clean buttons, glossy buttons, boxes, alert boxes, tabbed menus, toggle menus, lists, separation lines, quotes, highlighted items, framed images, icon boxes, tooltips, lightbox popup for images, frame borders, and much more.

Photo Gallery with categories / albums

We have built and entire custom taxonomy to help you manage your photogallery; you can easily create categories / albums and add new images to each album. You can also insert additional information to every image and select different pre built frames to round your images. Also, a fancy roll over effect has been included, and just in case that you want an ultra fast development of your website, you can choose from 5 icon packs in the theme options and add an intro text to incorporate an introductory area in your galleries in less than 30 seconds and finally, a lightbox has been included to display your images.

Products, Services and Portfolio pages with categories

We have generated custom taxonomies to manage your products, services and portfolio pages, all of them present the same features as galleries but you can point each item to a custom post to show additional information, instead of open it in lightboxes. It also includes rollover effects, several frame styles for the images, easy to create introductory boxes with premade icons and finally you can make as many categories as you want to arrange your items.
You can also pick featured items to be displayed in the home page.

Photo frames with fancy hover effects

We have included many different photoframes to enhance the look of your images, all these frames can be utilized in the photo gallery, services, products and portfolio custom taxonomies. In addition of that we have included a fancy roll over effect to enhance the look of your images.

Ready to use contact form

A fully functional contact form with validation and captcha verification, by simply modifying your destination address you can start receiving feedback from your costumers. Each contact form has been designed according to the theme's design in order to match its style.

Dropdown menus

Ready to use dropdown menus with multiple sub levels and fancy animation effects, all the menus have been specifically designed to match the style of their theme.

Multiple colors variations

All our themes offer several color variations to choose from, We've not only changed the background but all the design elements such as buttons, boxes, containers, fonts, etc.

Featured items - custom boxes

You can find several featured boxes that you can use in your home page, they will show all the current items that you have chosen from the gallery, portfolio, products or services pages, that way you can create an easy access to your most important of featured contents from the home page.

Several fonts

We've included tons of fonts to fulfill your needs, all these fonts take advantage of the Google api font pack and have been tested to match the design style of all the themes.

Up to 20.000 Iconshock icons

You will obtain access to the biggest icon library available with the highest quality: The premium sets of iconshock.com - because Iconshock is part of Wordpressthemeshock, we can bring you the most complete design bundle ever. Iconshock has been in the market for more than 8 years, reaching more than 20.000 customers worldwide, you will receive full support from a solid company, feel free to check our huge testimonial page.

The Shock Bundle: The most complete design bundle ever

In addition to the WordPress themes and the Iconshock icons, we have included tons of design sets to help you with your next projects. We have added: 500 high quality logo templates, with vector, PSD and 3D model sources included, 50 quality vector mascots or characters, 100+ web design elements sets (buttons, boxes, backgrounds, textures, badges, etc). All image sets include several color variations and fully editable source files (AI or PSD).

75 ready to use XHTML/CSS/PSD Templates

Besides the WordPress themes and the Iconshock premium icon sets, we have also included 75 web templates ready to use, all of them with several color variations and sources in PSD, XHTML and CSS to fit all your needs.

Introductory boxes

We have made some beautiful intro boxes for the photo gallery, portfolio, services and products pages, along with 7 differenet icon packs to choose from, that way you can make nice intros for your pages in less than 5 minutes. Like all the other features, these options can be easily changed through our theme options panel.

Social widgets

You can start showing your social stream right now, thanks to our custom social widgets that help you display your social updates in both Twitter and Facebook. You only need to add your username and well, that's it!

Full support

  • More than 500 published testimonials from happy customers :) Read them
  • Get support via Skype - live chat - mail in English / Spanish and/or French
  • A real company with more than 8 years designing high quality products
  • Full documentation Spanish - English - French - Spanish

Unlimited license, unlimited clients or projects

You will have no restrictions regarding the number of projects or clients you can attend while using our products. Feel free to design as many projects as you wish, to as many customers as you want, combining all our sets of images so you can have unlimited options.

No copyright issues

Absolutely all images and themes have been created by our design crew, with full control and art direction. We have 8 years of experience in the design industry developing high quality design products, so you can be sure you won't find any copyright problems concerning our products.

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