Vintage wood texture pack

free Vintage retro wood texture

Would you like to dress your app with an old fasioned style ? A great pack of vintage textures, with psd sources and several color variations.

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  1. eugie - July 9th

    thanc hey

  2. Thanks alot

  3. amit - June 5th

    Thank you sir…

    • david - June 10th

      You’re welcome amit. Let us know how you use them :)

  4. Muchas gracias por tan preciosas texturas, por compartirlas y aliviar nuestro trabajo.

    • ThemeShock - August 13th

      Por nada, siempre buscando ser de ayuda para todo tipo de creativos

  5. spesialk - February 18th


    • ThemeShock - April 10th

      :) thanks for your valuable feedback. Stay tuned.

  6. Hi there!

    I gave you my email address and consentyed to being spammed!

    You did not even have the basic decency to give me the download!

    Thanks! You guys rock! I love you! Please send me a bunch of viagra shit!

    Super job guys. Wicked!


    • ThemeShock - January 29th

      Carmen, you can be sure we are not the source of spamming, we HATE spam and deal with it everyday, you can contact me direclty to jp at iconshock dot com and we can help you identify the source, we only send quality freebies to opur suscribers, nothing else.

  7. Steve - January 18th

    As before, very nice patterns and it’s cool you share… and unique Captcha too!

  8. aya bashar - January 17th


  9. smitjes - December 29th

    Thank you very mucho

  10. Robin - May 28th

    Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing these.

  11. More awesome goodies!

    • admin - April 30th

      Hi Su, great that you’re finding what you need here!

  12. Mike - March 27th

    These guys are good! Many thanks for allthe freebies … and more especially the HELP!!! files!

  13. Nitty - March 16th

    Billions..! Very Very Beautiful..! Thanks You Very Much Guys.

    • Anonymous - May 13th
    • Fully great stuff here.. Thanks!But if you can do some, maybe you should rivopde us the web version.Its hard for me to translate all the elements into HTML.Oooh.. I’m a web designer and really hoping I can see the web version for this one, or for the entire stuff here maybe..Thanks.

      • admin - April 2nd

        Hello Katelyne!

        We’ll be seeing what we can do, we know it’s hard to put all those elements on HTML, so it might take us some time to do it as well, but don’t worry, we’ll keep your comment in mind.

  14. very nice texture pack! thank you!

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