Futuristic vector menu

This time a futuristic ready to use menu and button pack, fully editable vector and full of color variations.

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  1. zaynab - May 25th

    great ..

  2. Mike - October 15th

    Awesome work!

    Really a source of inspiration to me :)

  3. Ali - January 10th

    When I saw this, I thought it was Flash, it turns out it isn’t. Its a really good effect.

  4. Caroline - December 25th

    Fell out of bed feelnig down. This has brightened my day!

  5. Barbie - December 23rd

    I’m impressed. You’ve really raiesd the bar with that.

  6. Sarah - October 5th

    Thank you very much

    at the beginning i thought you are kidding^^

  7. Oh, yea baby! Some super shiny vectors!

  8. Herrjazz - May 12th

    Best regards to your design team, favorite blog, great resources, best freebies.

  9. Brianmadigan - March 12th

    How do you use these in wordpress. Are the buttons functional?

  10. Ami - March 8th

    The download link for this resource is the same with the one from “Multimedia web template PSD/XHTML”


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