iOS7 WordPress Theme

The trends for web design keep evolving and we like to stay up to date with them. in this opportunity, we bring a theme that combines flat elements with an outlined menu and search bar. The layout of the theme makes it useful for blogs and magazines, while the colors combination make it very versatile and perfect for technology related sites,  business, design and many more.




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  1. it is good working thanks for you

  2. Evden kaçış oyunu - March 22nd

    Really great theme, thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for sharing,

    • david - May 26th

      You’re welcome. Glad it’s useful for you!

  4. Theme doesnt work
    its just blank!

    • ThemeShock - December 30th

      Please try downloading the theme once more without changing the name.

  5. I installed this but my website is now just white with a few bits of text. Fresh install of wordpress. Can anyone help?

  6. Hi,

    I just tried to download the free version and got the following message:

    System Message

    A download file with the given file name in the URL parameter could not be found. Please make sure that the file name is correct and the file exists in your download folder.

    Note: Once the script configuration has been finished you can set off these system messages (index.php).

    Run into problems? Script documentation and instructions: ./docu/index.html

    Get answers to your questions in the support forum at the website of the Download Center Lite Script on

  7. RobertAJS - September 29th

    Hi, can you email the link please? THanks and thanks for again sharing great stuff that can be easily and often used.

    • ThemeShock - October 1st

      Please feel free to use the download option at the end of the post

  8. digitalhomeboy - September 28th

    I would show you love and say thanks, but no love and no thanks! Social media sharing restrictions are ridiculous on forcing someone to download. The problem here is that will you allow or authorize an account, you are left with a “System Error” on the download while the Facebook post gets posted and the tweet gets tweeted while as the download’eeee you get nada!

    • ThemeShock - October 1st

      The downloads link is now working fine, please try once more!

  9. Same error with vijae. this is the last message from wordpress “Unpacking the package…

    The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature”

    Hope fixes will be come soon :)

  10. Bad solutions with the layout :/

    • ThemeShock - September 20th

      Thank you for the feedback. With our online theme creator, you have multiple layout options to change it to fit your needs.

  11. Awesome responsive theme.

  12. Steven Thomas - September 17th

    Thanks so much! Can’t wait to give it a try.

    • ThemeShock - September 20th

      Great, feel free to download and try! We hope you enjoy it.

  13. On your ios7 theme you have a weather section. What plugin is that or is it part of the theme?

  14. Vijay - September 17th

    Hello There,

    Awesome responsive theme.

    I tried to download free version (Personal license) after social sharing there is one problem in download.

    Zip file size is 3.2 MB but when its downloaded it shows 3.1 Mb and I can not unzip file as of error.

    Hope fixes will be coming soon…!

    • ThemeShock - September 17th

      Can you try opening the zip file with another zipping tool? we recommend 7zip

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