jQuery photo slider, great tutorial from Webdesignshock

Hello friends, today we want to recommend you the latest tutorial from our sister page Webdesignshock featuring an amazing vintage photo slider powered with jQuery and PHP. The tutorial includes a live demo and all the required files ready for download, definitely a nice resource to utilize in your website or design projects.

The tutorial includes a complete explanation where the logic behind the photo slider is explained through a couple of simple and friendly graphics. This is specially helpful for those who are just starting with jQuery or other programming languages and are looking forward to understand how things such as this awesome photo slider are made.


These graphics make of this article an actual tutorial instead of a simply code example, even if you’re an advanced programmer, these graphics can help you realize how this was made and if there’s another way of doing it.


Then you can find a few nice tables where every part of the photo slider is explained so you can easily associate them while checking the code source.

Definitely one of the best photo sliders of this year, it has been developed to support multiple browsers, including the often despised Internet Explorer. You can find the live demo and download links at the end of the tutorial, so take a look at it and leave us a comment with your opinions.

Read original tutorial

View demo

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  1. ….Definitely one of the best photo sliders of this year.

    and I agree.

    I like the possibility to interact with the mouse scroll wheel.

    Nice Work


  2. Kids Furniture - January 4th

    So glad I found this information. Will help greatly.

  3. In awe of that aswner! Really cool!

  4. No complaints on this end, siplmy a good piece.

  5. I actually found this more entretianing than James Joyce.

  6. Nice,Thanks for posting.

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