Pinterest WordPress Plugin, Create Pinboards Using Your Posts. (Grid Layout Shock)

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Have you ever wanted to give that Pinterest look to your own page or posts? Looking for a plugin to do that and haven’t found it?, Don’t worry about it anymore ‘cause we bring you a plugin to do exactly that… for free. The Pinboard that the plugin creates is fully responsive, so that the boxes it generates will be placed or reorganized according the browser size.

Updated Aug/2012: Fixed bug on some JS scripts conflics.

Updated Jul/2012: Fixed jQuery loading problem.

Updated Jun/2012: Fixed several bugs. Added New feature to create Pinboards with custom post types and custom taxonomies.

Updated Jan/2013: Named Grid Layout Shock.

This plugin works as a normal wordpress plugin, letting you create Pinboards like Pinterest ones, but you don’t need to code anything, moreover you don’t need to change anything in your theme, page or post due to the system in which PluginTerest works, it is by shortcodes, this lets you put Pinboard wherever you need, in fact you can add as many as you want. Could it be better? maybe if you think about changing the size of the pinboard ,changing the style of your pinboard, changing the number of post you want to be in the pinboard, better yet? or perhaps if we add a customizable read more button and a selection of post from category, besides if you haven’t choose a featured image the plugin look inside the post till it find one, so what if we take a look to its features one by one to show you that it couldn’t be better than this.

View Demo (This demo is just a standalone page for showing the effect, therefore it isn’t responsive and lacks other features available on the actual plugin )

Check some of the nice box designs included in this plugin.

Muestra pin M Muestra pin 2 M Muestra pin 3 M Muestra pin 4 M Muestra pin 5 M Muestra pin 6 M Muestra pin 8 M


Quick addition to your fully created pages

There’s nothing more annoying that when you have created all your page and want to add something else to it, but in order to do so you must redo everything again to make it work, with that in mind we have thought in a way to avoid that and we have found that the best way was to add the pinboard through shortcodes, that way you don’t need to change anything inside your code or your page to make the plugin work and therefore have this look.

Easy to use

After installing it in your WordPress site, it’s as simple as going to the the plugin’s interface and make your selection among the options that the plugin offers. pin1As you can see you only need to change some values to obtain the desired effect.

Shortcode use

The idea behind this plugin is making everything as easy as possible for users, to accomplish this, we realized that the best way to it was to let the plugin create the shortcode for you, so that you can put it wherever you need it to be. What’s so cool is that using short codes you can add as many pinboards as you want whether in pages or posts. pin2 pin16As you see here there’s no more code than just the shortcode created by the plugin, that simple code let us generate all the pinboard. Muestra pin 3 M

Selectable styles

Among the options you have to create the pinboard, you can choose the box style to make it fit your theme, you can choose between eight different styles. pin3 Muestra pin 2 M pin4M Muestra pin 6 M

Post from selected categories

As you may want to add just some posts or all your posts to the pinboard, the plugin lets you choose whether you want to show all of them or just show a few ones, all of this is done by selecting a category in the respective combobox. pin5M

Featured image searching code

Most of the times people don’t include a featured images to their post, therefore you may think that those posts won’t have an image on the pinboard and only the text will be displayed, however thinking in that we have implemented a code that searches inside the post till it finds an image and uses is as featured image.

Read more button color

The complete post won’t be shown in the pinboard, because of that it’s needed a read more button, we’ve seen that one color most of times is not enough, therefore we have added 7 colors to choose from.  You can also leave aside the button if you don’t want it, instead you’ll have just a link to the full post. pin6M

How many post you want to show?

After you’ve chosen which category you want to show, you maybe want to show just a few of them, to accomplish that you can define the number of post that will be affected and therefore shown. pin7M pin Mod1as you can see there’s just two post instead of all of the category.

Customizable box sizes

You can define the boxes size, however you only define the width of them, because the height is defined by the content of the box, the width change the number of boxes shown in the same row. pin13M pin Mod2as you can notice we have decided to show 8 post and with this width we can see 4 in a row pin14M pin Mod3after we change the width we display 7 in a row, so you choose how many are gonna be in a row by fixing the size to your desire.

Font size and Font type

Outside from all the changes we have done, we can also change the font type and font size,  this changes affect the title and the content, but size and type can be different for both, letting you e.g. have the title in Arial and the content in Helvetica with title size of 15 and content size of 10. In types we have added 7 fonts where to choose from, these are: Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, Lucida Console, Tahoma, Trebuchet MS y Verdana. pin15M

View Demo

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  1. Abdo - July 21st

    I tried the free version of your plugin, but the aspect ratio of the thumbnail image is wrong, what can I do to fix that?
    Also Is there a way to limit the number of characters displayed for title and excerpt?

  2. Astrid - January 14th

    Your plugin is very cool! Thanks a lot!
    I just have one question: I don’t always want the preview image to be a square. Is it possible to display other image sizes? Right now an image is not scaled in the right proportion. Different heights of the preview image would give the plugin a more vivid and pinterest-like look! That would just be cool!

    • david - January 20th

      Thanks for your feedback! We’ll certainly take your comments into account for the next revisions.

  3. I bought this plugin and there is not sufficient usage information. It says how to create the shortcode but not how to implement it. Need info on how to use the shortcode! I can get it to work (sort of) in an individual post but not on my blog roll where I want it. please advise….

  4. Alex - May 6th

    Is there a way to remove the “Read More” all together and remove the links to the post page?

    I want to use this plugin to show the title and featured image of my posts, but not allow users to click on them or see the Read More text

    • ThemeShock - May 7th

      Uncheck the read more option in the control panel

  5. LIsa - February 16th

    Just purchased and getting php errors when trying to download from customer area.

  6. Youness - January 16th

    Hi, thanx for this plugin. I bought it today and I have a problem. There’s a possibility to chose “taxonomy”. But for example, if I have a taxonomy called “country”, is it possible to chose only “France”?

  7. ian - January 9th

    I try to install uploading plugins and get this Unpacking the package…

    “Installing the plugin
    The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
    Plugin install failed.”

  8. Just purchased Grid Layout Shock for WordPress. Installed. Added shortcode to URL given above.

    1. Can I NOT display an image [space] IF there is not image in the post, so it can be used for text only?

    2. How can it be set so that it does NOT distort the photo?

  9. I like the idea of this plugin, it would be very useful. However, I have tested the free version and it does not pull images from my posts. Any ideas?

  10. Hi, I am using the free version of the plugin and the page looks absolutely beautiful. I have one doubt. Can I order posts so that recent one appears on top? Right now, it is showing the first added on top!

    • ThemeShock - November 12th

      Yes, the latest version allows you to order the posts. Check

      • controlling post order does not seem to work in free version – I *just* downloaded it and don’t see that control. is it in the paid version only?

        • ThemeShock - March 21st

          Posts order control is only in the premium version

  11. I have a question before I buy. I want to add bottom border to each post that has a specific color based on the category. Is that possible?


    • ThemeShock - November 12th

      We do not have a feature like that in the meantime, we will have it in mind for future upgrades.

  12. hi 
    this is a lovely plugin. i am evaluating the demo.
    is there a way to shuffle the boxes via a button and also after each page reload.
    this will help beat viewer fatigue

    • ThemeShock - November 12th

      We do not have a feature like that in the meantime, but we will keep it in mid for future updates. Thanks a lot for your comment.

  13. Hello bro, I need to know something before buy the plugin. Is there a way to add the grid straight and automatically on archives and categories pages? You know, when someone click on certain category the grid will replace the current theme that does not have this function.


    • ThemeShock - August 21st


      The grid can be easily inserted to a page and pretty much to any text area using shortcode, and you can determine what posts to show based on the available categories.

      • Hi, I downloaded the fre viersion… and set up a page to show a specific category, but the “pins” are not displaying correctly. I’m using the “Resportsive” theme from ThemeForest… is the Pluginterest plugin not compatible with this Theme?

        • ThemeShock - October 1st

          That may depend on how the theme is layered, the CSS of the theme might be breaking up the grid if the theme is not coded properly.

  14. neoprezo - August 9th

    I purchased your plugin and even sent a request for support but have not heard back
    The plugin is great and does display items in a grid. However, it does not function like you show on the demo. In other words, clicking a button to make display a new set of grid images. I created a menu but clicking them does not do anything
    Can you pl. comment?

    • ThemeShock - August 13th

      We assist technical requests via email: help at iconshock dot com

  15. could you use this to display products within wordpress (using woocommerce) rather than posts?

    • ThemeShock - June 18th

      If the products set with woocommerce have some kind of taxonomy that our plugin can find such as categories, then yes :)

  16. Jacob - May 28th

    A couple of features missing:
    Set text on the “Read more” button (for us non english people)

    Scale and crop thumbnail (it looks like its fitting the image right now, cant imagine who wants that?)

    Sort post or random (right now it newest posts is at the bottom, kinda counter intuive)

    Set lenght/height of excerpt.

    Infinity scrool (like pinterest)

    • ThemeShock - June 18th

      Thank you for the feedback, looking forward to improve the plugin!

  17. THe free download link is broken over there. I need to test this in my theme before I buy. Can you please provide a free download? Thank you. 

  18. I cannot get the plugin to work in Thesis theme. I have another site I tested the plugin on that used a different them and it worked perfectly. I do not want to change themes, I am hoping you know if there is a work around for this theme.
    Thank You

    • ThemeShock - January 29th

      Troy, cna you try in twnty ten or eleven and let us know.

  19. cool plugin but where do I download it?

  20. It seems a brilliant idea. But i can

  21. thank you

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