Vintage typewriter vector

vector retro and vintage typewriter

Vintage style is trendy nowadays, and here we go with this great freebie (tutorial included), a beautifully created vintage typewriter icon with vector sources in AI.

Feel free to use this icon in your next project, if u want to know how it was made. pls check the tutorial here at tutorialshock

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jquery contact form we did using with this typewriter icon.

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  1. This typewriter is so pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Muchas gracias quiero usar como logo de mi compañía
    espero sea posible 
    me encanta el diseño 

    • ThemeShock - August 19th


      Este elemento es gratuito, eres libre de usarlo a tu antojo. ¡Que lo disfrutes!

  3. Anna - March 9th

    Thanks for this very nice vector, helped me out so much! x

  4. Mario - October 8th

    Just lovely! Very nice and detailed. Great work, guys!

  5. Michelle - March 12th

    Thanks for sharing! Really great and very detailed.

    • ThemeShock - April 10th

      Thanks a lot for your feedback. We are really glad to see you liked it. Stay tuned. Cheers.

  6. Guillermo - January 29th


  7. maxw3st - December 28th

    Thanks for the typewriter!

  8. heba - October 15th


  9. Valeria - September 25th

    Well done!

  10. That is really an awesome Typewriter. Very detailed and nicely made, really appreciable.

  11. Niki - April 20th

    Great vector, thank you for sharing!!

    • admin - April 20th

      You’re welcome dude. There are more resources that may be useful for you in our posts. Best regards.

  12. Doc - April 19th

    Thanks for the great retro vector… and the free themes!

    • admin - April 20th

      You’re welcome, we’ll be glad to see you again.

  13. Luv the vector – perfect for our new website design coming soon!

  14. Marianna - October 18th

    Awesome vector! Thank you!!

  15. Nina ishii - May 30th

    Are there any restrictions for using this? i mean, like in a commercial or personal way?


  16. CarolineCeraDesigner - May 23rd

    the typewriter is great, amazing details

    but the color just killed me

    I wish i had one like this, like, for real

    keep up the good work you guys.

  17. that is so cool~!!

    i really like it very much !!

    booooooom!! baby!!

  18. Oscar Argaez - May 12th

    More vintage design freebies!

    • Anonymous - May 13th

      Oh it will be Oscar, be sure of that!

  19. Cee - May 1st

    Cute typewriter, but when I download it and open the file, it looks really different and like the image is incomplete. Is there something I need to know about downloading this image? Thanks!

  20. Saint - April 15th


    • Anonymous - May 13th

      Thanx Saint, keep updated for more freebies!

  21. Globalknow - April 15th

    Thanks guys! This is great

  22. RT @themeshock: Vintage typewriter vector #useful #freebies

  23. […] Finally if you want to download the original vector, you can check ThemeShock and look for the post Vintage typewriter vector, you will have access to the original AI file and see how was it […]

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