Amazing Windows 8 GUI Theme set

Hi friends! We have an exciting freebie for you! It’s a Windows 8 GUI Theme set created for the design team behind the shock family (iconshockwebdesignshock and themeshock), all ready to be downloaded in PSD format.

It is a single but organized psd File showing carefully designed elements like Windows Developer Preview, Windows Update Login screen, Boof Manager screen, Blue screen (the death screen), Windows Store elements, Windows Repair tool, Lock screen, Keyboard (2 options), Alarm buttons, Win8 Sidebar, Task Bars, icons, buttons, badges, fonts, and many more!

Some examples of the included screens

We hope you like this incredibly designed set and it can be useful for your projects. Visit WebDesignShock and download these amazing Windows 8 GUI Theme Set!

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  1. Brian - February 24th

    awesome!! thanks so much!!

    • ThemeShock - April 10th

      You’re welcome, Brian. Thanks for taking the time to review our post. Stay tuned.

  2. krishna - January 12th

    super :)

  3. Thuyet - December 23rd

    Great : D

  4. Incredible windows 8 UI set !!

    Thanks for sharing admin.

  5. me ha gustado mucho la interfax del teme, sensitive

  6. awesome : )

  7. very good, I like win 8

  8. You are Awesome

    • admin - June 7th

      Thank you, please be in the lookout for incoming posts. Best wishes!

  9. Jose Ullaguari - May 16th

    thanks for sharing!

  10. John Paul - February 25th

    Your work is awesome…

    : )

    • admin - March 26th

      Hey there John!

      Glad to see you liked it, here’s our RSS Feed, and if you want you can Follow us on Twitter in order to keep updated with new content.


    • your site ranks high on yahoo and i must say your consistent trnwiig style deserves your blog to be such high in rankings.i relished your trnwiig style.keep it up.

  11. Awesome post! Thanks for the guide and free download.

  12. Ali - January 10th

    It’s good, I like them all.

    • admin - January 10th

      Thank you for the recognition to our work. Best regards..//..

  13. Kevlyn - December 25th

    Whoever edits and publishes these articles ralely knows what they’re doing.

    • admin - December 29th

      Thank you for the recognition to our work. Be on the lookout for upcoming posts on the matter. Best regards.,.,.

  14. Learning a ton from these neat artilces.

  15. Commonwealth - December 2nd

    How do I open the .psd file

    • admin - January 3rd

      Be sure to use the extension 7z of WinRar (this is the version 7 of WinRar) when you download the shock bundle, once downloaded click on the folder Icons and inside you

  16. It’s beautiful. Thank you!

  17. We hope you like this incredibly designed set and it can be usefu

  18. @WPExplorer Hey AJ, here’s an idea. Windows 8 Worpress theme. You can use this GUI : – I think it would be awesome

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